Modular Homes Capital District Area

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Modular Homes

Modular homes are constructed in a warehouse with climate controlled conditions. You never have to worry about mold or damaged wood before your home is finished. At Bradley Park Builders, we are able to order enough material for more than one home which saves you money, time, and no worrying about people stealing materials (wasting even more time). Call 518-261-2614 today to speak with one of our representative for more information on custom modular homes.

At Bradley Park Builders, our homes are built using approximately 20% more materials for a stronger, more durable structure. Simply a better-built, more energy-efficient home, with many Green Building practices put into use and Energy Star options available. While being built at the factory, your site and foundation are prepared for the arrival of your home. Weather sealed, your home arrives on your site approximately 80% complete. Your home is then unsealed and setup begins on your prepared foundation. Your home is usually set up and weather tight in as little as 1 day. Complete building time from your order date to move-in date is as little as 8 - 12 weeks!

Call today for a custom modular home with a garage, patio, or more! The options are endless! Create your dream home in half the time!